Mental Health
Mental Health

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This course is aimed at raising awareness of common mental health issues and emotional wellbeing. Learners will look at the most common forms of mental illness, such as phobias and anxiety, to the most serious of psychosis that can lead to very serious long-term consequences. It will look at risk and resilience factors alongside other issues that promote positive mental health. The learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  1. To provide a definition of the term 'mental health'
  2. To identify risk factors that may impact on people's mental health
  3. To identify resilience factors that may promote good mental health
  4. To recognise the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical signs of a person requiring mental health intervention
  5. To understand common mental health problems and personality disorders

As part of The Big Initiative, you’re able to access free well-being online courses that have been created by leading practitioners. This online course is designed to provide you with support and knowledge on the subject. Please always reach out to a professional if you feel that you need further support.

A healthy, happy workforce is good for business. It reduces absences, increases productivity, and grows your bottom line. Bringing your best team to work is about teaching them healthy habits and lifestyle changes that they can make out of work, as well as in.

Our health and wellness experts have been making a difference in a wide variety of sectors for a number of years.

Please speak to a professional should you need further support after completing this online course.

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